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What Does Year Of The Tiger Mean To You?

Were you born the year of the tiger? If so what kind of tiger are you? Water, earth, metal, etc? I was born in 1998 which makes me an earth tiger! This also means that it is my unlucky year. Lucky for me I have made some changes like the direction in which I sleep and more use of the color red. What does the year of the tiger mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Clifton Hill

Chocolate vs Candy, What Are You Eating This Year?

The great debate… Chocolate vs. candy? Which one do you prefer? Comment below!

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Happy New Year From Ivy-Lou!

Ivy-Lou wanted to take a minute out of her very busy day to wish her DTNT followers a happy New Year! This is her second time celebrating and she partied way too hard with her sisters and cousin Henry. Ivy’s super fans: stay tuned for her upcoming projects in 2022!

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Renovation Trends For 2022

New year, new trends alert! To make sure your house stays on-trend all of 2022, read the article below that details the big and small renovations your house needs.

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Architectural Digest