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  • Summer nail polish quiz

    Take this quiz to find your perfect summer nail polish color. (My result was festive metallic!)


  • Party dresses

    Party in style with these fashionable dresses. No matter your budget, you can always look chic!





  • Find your perfect pillow

    Good sleep is imperative for the quality of your life, and having a comfortable pillow helps you sleep. Find your perfect pillow with the link below.

    Martha Stewart

  • Clarisonic Mia

    Sometimes washing your face with just your hands isn’t enough. I really like the Clarisonic Mia because it deep cleans my face, but is gentle at the same time.

    Shop: Clarisonic

  • Pink beach towels

    Summer’s here! If you need a new beach towel, look no further. I love both of these towels with their vibrant color, and the cute butterfly or monogram pattern.     Shop:   JC Penny Louis Vuitton