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ICYMI: August 2022

Why I Love Being An Aunt

Henry has been one of my family’s biggest blessings, and I couldn’t love being his aunt any more than I do! He is the sweetest, happiest, and smartest kid I know, and he has changed me in the best of ways by making me more patient and understanding. Are you an aunt and loving it? Let us know in the comments below!

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AUP From A Students Perspective

Attending AUP has been a dream of mine since my early teens; now, it is finally a reality! The campus, staff, and city have all been lovely so far, and I can’t wait till classes start in the fall. AUP is in the 7th Arrondissement and is very close to where I live in Ecole-Militare. My favorite things to do in this area are going to cafés, walking around the city, and people-watching in the local parks. If you are interested in reading about AUP and possibly want to apply, click this link!

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What I’m Packing For Paris

For my upcoming move, I am focusing on packing versatile pieces that can work throughout the seasons. My Fendi Peek-a-Boo is one of the essential items in my wardrobe because it fits everything and is so stylish! I’m also bringing a few lunar new year collectibles like the baguette charm and a mohair sweater that I can’t live without. To see my outfits in real-time, stay updated with the DTNT website!

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