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ICYMI; May 2022

Clear Quartz Raw Crystal

There’s no denying that crystals have all sorts of healing properties and benefits, but how do you decide which crystal is right for you? My favorite is clear quartz, and I have the Kora Organics crystal (linked below) in my bathroom. Even if you aren’t into their benefits, crystals make the most gorgeous decor in every room!

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Kora Organics

My Birthday Breakfast

Click the link below to see what I ate for my birthday breakfast this year! + Comment below what your dream birthday breakfast is.

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Throwback To My 4th Birthday! SO cute!

How cute is this throwback to my 4th birthday? This day was extra fun because I got to play with all my cousins! Thank you to everyone who sent me love on my special day!



Picture copyrighted by Alana Hope Josephson 2022