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Do This With Your Dog On Mother’s Day

This is my second Mother’s Day with Ivy-Lou, which is crazy because it feels like just yesterday I got her! To see how we are going to celebrate this year, read the article below.

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The Dog Training Secret

Guide For Reconnecting With Past Friends

This year is the perfect year to reconnect with old friends, flames, and family. If not now, then when? 2022 is all about living without regrets, so don’t regret not reaching out to someone, because they may just forget about you! Comment below if you have done this or are planning to do this in the year ahead.

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NY Times


Matching With Your bestie, Do or Don’t?

You may have dreaded wearing matching clothes as a kid. but now this trend is coming back with best friends! Here at DTNT, we think this trend is so cute and here to stay. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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Keep Warm With These Heated Blankets

Stay warm this winter by using heated blankets! Regardless of where you live, and just how cold it gets outside, this blanket will be top of your necessity list! To shop for this blanket and similar ones, check out the article below!

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