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Guide For Reconnecting With Past Friends

This year is the perfect year to reconnect with old friends, flames, and family. If not now, then when? 2022 is all about living without regrets, so don’t regret not reaching out to someone, because they may just forget about you! Comment below if you have done this or are planning to do this in the year ahead.

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NY Times


Dating Tips You Need Right Now

Finding love has never been so difficult before, and unprecedented times call for unique measures. Read the article below to learn what steps you should consider taking while navigating the dating world!

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Mariah Carey’s Dating Don’t

Mariah Carey just revealed her biggest dating don’t! Can you guess what it is? Let us know if you have had this happen to you in the comments below!

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What Is A Turkey Drop?

Breakups are never fun, especially around the holidays. If you have ever been broken up with around Thanksgiving, you may have fallen victim to something known as a turkey drop. To learn more, read the article below!

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