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ICYMI: New Years 2022

Happy New Year From Ivy-Lou!

Ivy-Lou wanted to take a minute out of her very busy day to wish her DTNT followers a happy New Year! This is her second time celebrating and she partied way too hard with her sisters and cousin Henry. Ivy’s super fans: stay tuned for her upcoming projects in 2022!

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Guide For Reconnecting With Past Friends

This year is the perfect year to reconnect with old friends, flames, and family. If not now, then when? 2022 is all about living without regrets, so don’t regret not reaching out to someone, because they may just forget about you! Comment below if you have done this or are planning to do this in the year ahead.

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NY Times


Hailey Bieber Sticks By Her Man, Do You?

Justin and Hailey Bieber are so cute! They’re also very committed to one another, and their relationship. Young love doesn’t always mean a quick romance, as these two have shown. If you’re curious about the Biebers relationship and how they, especially Hailey make it work, read the article below!

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